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Did a friend cut of inactive journals or people who don't post anymore (or I don't know anymore?).

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Home depot at the home

In case people don't keep up with Vince's Twitter, we got him a new computer chair! No longer working sitting on a metal fold out chair, especially when coding for hours.

Tonight we're assembling the new desk we got him at Office Depot (swell that I didn't have other plans tonight <.<). Good thing we picked up extra artichoke and spinach dip at Costco and I don't have class tomorrow morning, this is going to be a long project tonight! XD

I got good work done on Tomoyo's skirt last night before I ran out of trim, but now that I have enough I think I can finish the skirt this week, sew and stuff the bow, layer the ribbons, finish the blue embroidery (since my machine apparently really hates the silky blue thread, it retaliated! XD) and get started on the winged heart. Ginia, is stuffed fleece with craft foam wings sound good to you? I'll make it look all CLAMP-y xD

Why do the directions tell us to attach the feet AFTER we've flipped the desk right side up?

- Threaded nails that you pound in, with millimeters open on either side because the back piece is too small. Are.you.kidding.me.
- What the f--- who designed a corner desk you have to get behind to assemble? Isn't that the point of a CORNER desk!!
- We're holding a piece in place while putting another on??
- The Bullshit shelf - "PSYCH! I'm not a real shelf!"
- Vince: "..This desk would be fixed if we didn't follow the instructions"
- "I think Scooter doesn't actually know proper English :P"
- Objects in instructions are closer than they appear
- This corner desk is a street corner whore
- Japan is a klepto-nation

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